Canterbury vs Ulster Barbarians

Ulster Barbarians 25 - Canterbury 38

Liverpool - 21.08.2016

The game started 30 mins after the Gloucester game allowing the Barbarians little recovery time against a strong team. Canterbury started well, using the long ball to score a number of times. They passed well and put the Barbarians under pressure on the restarts. However the Barbarians responded well to the pressure and scored a number of times. Q1 14-5 Canterbury.

Canterbury continued with the tactic of keeping Dave under control, restricting the options on the restarts. This proved effective although the Barbarians continued to battle well. HT 19-6.

The second half continued in a similar vein, the Barbarians having to work very hard to prevent Canterbury scoring. Eventually the demands of the tournament were starting to take their toll and Canterbury took a commanding lead. Canterbury substituted one or two of their stronger players which evened the sides up so the game remained competitive to the end. Final score 38-25.