Ulster Barbarians v Woodbridge Warriors

Ulster Barbarians 39 - Woodbridge Warriors 11

Stoke Mandeville, England - 28.10.2017


The UBs started with Jade on the bench. The fitness and tactical knowledge of the UBs compared to the Warriors was obvious from the start. The Warriors competed well but often were undone by a wayward pass as a result of pressure or an interception. Q1 12-2

Ger was off for most of Q2 but the UBs continues to score freely. The Warriors deserve a lot of credit as they continued to battle in what was a one sided contest. HT 21-4

The game continued to be played in good spirit right to the end. FT 39-11

The first day of involvement in the GB was a very successful one for the Barbarians, with three victories. All our players have been playing for a number of seasons, and in the Irish League play regularly with international players. This experience was evident, and fitness levels held up well.