Ulster Barbarians v Solent Hammerheads Day 2

Ulster Barbarians 32 - Solent Hammerheads 17

Stoke Mandeville England - 29.10.2017

The Barbarians had a quiet night by their usual standards, resting up for the final two matches. After another large fry up they were ready to go. There was a very pleasant surprise when the Chambers family all appeared in the spectators gallery as our travelling support. Brady, Louise, David and Riley then joined us on the bench to be closer to the action, and to be closer to the haribo which is an important part of any game.


The starting line-up was Ger, Amy, Paul and Jade. The quiet night paid off as the UBs were out of the blocks quickly. 3-0 quickly became 5-1 as the passes flows and turn overs came from a good pressing game. The Hammerheads were struggling to get out of their back court as the UBs pressed up the court. The first quarter ended 13-3.

The game continued in this way, with the experience of the UBs allowed them to quickly turn possession into trys, with Ger often controlling the play until he was substituted for Sean. The UBs were reading each other very well and working hard to support the player in possession. HT, 22-10

The UBs continued to dominate the game in the second half, although the Hammerheads continued to bite back with spirit. Final score 32-17.