GB League Div 3 Rd 1

Ulster Barbarians 31 - Solent Hammerheads 14

Stoke Mandeville, England - 28.10.2017


Division 3

Round One

The Ulster Barbarians have played their inaugural matches following the joining of the GB League. Round One was played at Stoke Mandeville Stadium over the weekend of 27/28th of October.

It was a tired party of players and volunteers that arrived in Stoke Mandeville of Friday evening after an early start and full day of travelling. However after a good night’s sleep we were good to go. The team consisted of Paul, Sean, Amy, Jade and Garrett. Unfortunately Rooney was unable to travel due to sickness, after pushing for years to join the league he was forced to miss the first matches. Dave was Coach, and Paula and Hugo were the mechanics and general assistants.

Match 1

Ulster Barbarians v Solent Hammerheads

The starting team was Gar, Paul, Amy and Jade. It was the first time they had played as a team but gelled very quickly. Gar and Amy immediately started combining very well. It was a very hard fought first quarter with both teams competing for everything. The Barbarians had the quicker start, moving into a 5-2 lead, but were pegged back to 7-4 by the end of the first quarter.

The 2nd quarter started with Ger getting a lot of attention from the Hammerheads, forcing the UBs to call time outs on a couple of occasions. Sean came on for Paul. It was very even for a while but slowly the Barbarians gained the upper hand as their experience and craft started to show. 16-6 Barbarians at half time.

The 3rd quarter continued in a similar pattern. The Hammerheads never eased up but gave up turnovers as a result of pressure and the Barbarians continued to outscore them. Jade was substituted having played extremely well, defending resolutely and always ready to break out. At the end of the quarter the score was 26-8.

At the start of the final quarter Amy was given a well-earned break, but the Barbarians continued to have the upper hand. Everyone was working hard for each other and closing down the Hammerheads at every opportunity.  Final score 31-14. A well-deserved victory in the first GB League Match. The Ulster Barbarians had arrived with a bang!