Munster vs Ulster Barbarians

Ulster Barbarians 38 - Munster 44

Cork - 23.09.2017

The Munster team consisted of Leggy, Jade, Nathan, Finbar, and Martin. Alan Lynch (Gaelic Warriors) started for the Barbarians as Gail was late arriving. Ulster started well scoring a few quick tries although Munster soon pulled back to end up 10 – 9 up at the end of the first quarter. Play was held up for a short time after Alan ended up banging the back of his head on the floor after a spectacular spill. Luckily the floor was undamaged and play resumed. The second quarter continued like the first, very closely fought, with Leggy in his usual wrecking ball form, but Alan did some great work to nudge Ulster into the lead at half time 19 – 20. They had some success with pressure on the in-bounder leading to a number of turnovers. All of the Barbarians were working hard in offense and defense.

Unfortunately Munster came out stronger in the second half, with Ulster dropping off a bit towards the end of the third quarter which ended 32 – 28. Ulster battled gamely to the end, with Gail being brought on as an impact sub.  Unfortunately for Ulster, Munster, lead as ever by leggy, strongly supported by a very determined Jade and the rest of the team, battled to victory, 44 -38. It was well deserved, but Ulster deserved a lot of credit for their determined performance.