Ulster Barbarians v Brighton Buccaneers Day 2

Ulster Barbarians 43 - Brighton Buccaneers 14

Stoke Mandeville, England - 29.10.2017


This was the match the UBs were slightly apprehensive about. This was an able Buccaneers team and the UBs thought they may have learnt from the first game. And so it was for the first period with teams scoring alternately up to 4-4. The BBs were full of endeavour and competed very well. However the tactical awareness and close understanding of the UBs started to pay off as the UBs edged ahead. The first quarter ended 11-6.

The UBs teamwork and hard work continued to be effective with the first half ending with the UBs in control of the game at 20-9.

In the second half the sustained pressure from Jade and Amy on the BB playmakers started to tell. Their passes started to go astray as they had to force the game. In contrast the UBs controlled possession well, getting into the front court and playing the game on their terms.

One feature of the game was the number of female players involved. Six were on the court at one stage and Amy had a very large smile on her face.  Girl power!! 😉

Final score 43-14.

On the long trip over no-one expected such a successful start to the GB League. For Sean and Paul it was their first involvement in the League, but it certainly will not be their last. The Team Coach Dave, had a lot of praise for the team. And a special mention for Amy who was awarded the prize for the best 1.5-2.0 player at the tournament. Well done, it was very well deserved.

Many thanks to all at GBWR for such a well organised event, and to the referees and officials for all their help. Roll on Stoke On Trent 27/28th of January!