Ulster Barbarians v Brighton Buccaneers

Ulster Barbarians 44 - Brighton Buccaneers 19

Stoke Mandeville, England - 28.10.2017

Ulster Barbarians v Brighton Buccaneers

The Buccaneers had defeated the Woodford Warriors in their first match and had looked very effective. However the UBs had watched that match and formulated a game plan. This looked as if it would be a key match for both teams and it started very evenly. The UBs edged in front of a quick Buccaneers team but there was never more than a couple of scores in it for most of the first quarter. However the UB tactic of doubling up on the Buccaneers No1 paid dividends, and caused them some disruption. Jade worked very hard, never straying far from her target, particularly on the restarts. This lead to a number of turnovers allowing the UBs to edge to a 10-5 lead at the end of Q1. The Buccaneers were calling Coaches time outs trying to find a way of coping with the Barbarians, but team changes made little difference to the run of play.

The game continued in a similar way in Q2, with Jade continuing to work hard in defence, and keeping the route to goal clear on the Barbarians possession. Half time 22-9

Paul was brought on in Q3 for Amy and the Barbarians continued to work very hard and control the course of the game. Gar was directing on the pitch action and scoring quite freely. He even seems not to hear instructions from the bench! The quarter ended with the Barbarians comfortable at 33-15.

The Barbarians continued to play with determination and a lot of tactical acumen. The Buccaneers found them hard to handle and could do little to get control of the game. All the Barbarians played very well, concentrating right to the end. Final score 44-19.